National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (Mission Karmayogi)

The National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB) envisioned by the Government, addresses the changing needs and aspirations of the citizen. Anchored by an apex body and headed by the Prime Minister, it is designed to enhance the civil services under a national programme.

Central to the programme is the recognition that a suitable government workforce requires a competency driven capacity building approach. The workforce will focus on imparting competencies critical to discharge its roles. This will be achieved through a Competency Framework for Civil Services that will be totally indigenous to India.

Vision of the Programme

The NPSCSB aims to embark on a learning transformation program that will address the capacity building issues of the Civil Services through a comprehensive online platform - iGOT Karmayogi.

iGOT Karmayogi aims to provideonline, face-to-face and blended learning and manage lifelong learning records of the officials.

Linkages between these two aspects will pave the way to -

  • AI enabled assessment of competency levels
  • Competency gaps in an individual
  • Data driven strategic HR decision making, both leading to Strategic HR management of the Government.

The entire Programme will be managed by a robust Institutional Framework with shared ownership between the Centre and the States. This will be complemented by a Policy Framework that involves -

  • Implementable policies
  • Aligns government modalities
  • Creates positive momentum

Through a robust monitoring and evaluation system of all components at every level, the Programme will create a culture of accountability and transparency, while enabling a clear line of vision between strategy and implementation.

iGOT Karmayogi

iGOT Karmayogi is an online learning platform being developed as an integral part of the Digital India stack for capacity building of all government employees. It will provide ‘anytime-anywhere-any device’ learning to train around 2.0 crores users which was so far unachievable through traditional measures.

The platform is envisioned to evolve into a vibrant and world class marketplace for content modelled on FRACs. Supported by a robust e-learning content industry the content can be curated by individual government ministries or organizations.

This can be done either in-house or through knowledge partners. Carefully crafted and vetted content from top-notch institutions, universities, private content providers and individual resources will be made available as training modules.

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DoPT & Leadership

The institutional framework for this Mission has been carefully designed, keeping in mind principles of stability, sustainability, agility, scalability, and autonomy. The Department of Personnel and Training will manage the entire programme, in collaboration with the institutional structure.

  • Secretary (P)
  • Joint Secretary (Trg.)
  • Director (iGOT)

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