Sl. No.ModulesResource Persons
1 Management of ChangeResource Person
2 Decentralised Planning (DLM)Resource Person
3 Decentralised Planning (Non DLM)Resource Person
4 Gender Issues

     Reading Material
     Training Module
Resource Person
5 VAT in GovernmentResource Person
6 Contracting N-DLMResource Person
7 Reservation in Service(DLM)Resource Person
8 Combating Corruption (N-DLM)Resource Person
9Pension & Pensionery Benefits (N-DLM)Resource Person
10Citizen Charter (DLM)Resource Person
11Infrastructure Deregulation (N-DLM)Resource Person
12Project Management(DLM)Resource Person
13Office Procedure & Service Rules(DLM)Resource Person
14Management of State Finances-Assam (N-DLM)Resource Person
15Office Management-A.P.(DLM)Resource Person
16Personality Development (N-DLM)Resource Person
17City-Urban Management (N-DLM)Resource Person
18Corporate Finance Management (N-DLM)Resource Person
19Gender/Empowerment of Women (DLM)Resource Person
20Public Relations (N-DLM)Resource Person
21Reform Initiatives in Administration (N-DLM)Resource Person
22Administrative Law (N-DLM)Resource Person
23Participatory Administration and Collective Decision Making (N-DLM)Resource Person
24Participatory Administration and Collective Decision Making (DLM)Resource Person
25 Total Quality Management Dr. Kumudini Sharma