12-Day Induction Training Programme (12-Day ITP)

National Training Policy (NTP) stipulates inter alia that all civil servants, especially the front-line staff, will be provided with training, including training on soft skills, to equip them with the competencies for their current or future jobs at the time of their entry into service and at appropriate intervals in the course of their careers, so as to improve customer orientation as well as quality of service delivery to the citizens. As per the mandate, the 12-Days Induction Training Programme (lTP) was launched for the newly recruited Group-B (non-gazetted) & Group-C cutting edge level State Government functionaries during the Financial Year 2014-15 by this Department with a view to develop generic and domain specific competencies in cutting edge level functionaries for strengthening capabilities to improve the public service delivery mechanism.

The programme is implemented in the districts selected by the State ATIs according to their preference, where the newly recruited State Government frontline functionaries are available in large numbers. The programme covers those sectors/departments which have the maximum citizen interaction and are directly involved in the public delivery system. The Induction Training Programme includes training in 5-Days generic modules, 2-Days NGO & field visit and Blood Donation Camp and 5-Days domain specific modules.

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